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Graduate Development Research Program

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The Graduate Research Development Program (GRDP) is administered by the Virginia Tech Graduate Student Assembly (GSA) to provide monetary support for degree-contingent research conducted by Virginia Tech graduate students. This program is sponsored by the Graduate School and the Virginia Tech Office of the Provost. This funding opportunity is offered twice a year for each academic year, but applicants may only receive an award once in an academic year. Assistance through the GRDP is competitive and is awarded based on a review process to help ensure fair decisions. To increase the number of students benefiting from the program, priority will be given towards first-time awardees.

If you have any questions, please email the GRDP Chair from your VT email. 

Application openings and deadlines for each of the Fall and Spring cycles will also be announced on our Calendar, our Facebook page, our Twitter account, and through the weekly Graduate School listserv email.


Selected proposals for Master’s and Doctoral students will be awarded up to $850. This amount varies by academic year.

Who Can Apply?

All full-time registered graduate students enrolled at Virginia Tech are eligible to apply. Graduate Students are limited to one GRDP award per academic year. We have introduced this limit to allow more students to succeed in this endeavor. Please note that the GRDP is a very competitive program, an average of 25% of proposals each cycle receive funding.

Already won? Still want to win more money? Apply to present in our annual Graduate Student Assembly Research Symposium! We have no limits on the number of times that students can win monetary support awards in that competition.

GRDP Fall 2019 Winners

  • Caroline Taylor
  • Christina Chuong
  • Connor Owens
  • Emma Bueren
  • Gengrui Wei
  • Jaclyn Fiola
  • Jiangtao Liang
  • Joelle Martin
  • Kaisen Lin
  • Katlyn Catron
  • Lauren Bochicchio
  • Marissa Langager
  • Nicholas Flannery
  • Sakshi Upadhyay
  • Samuel Lane
  • Sarah Radtke
  • Shantanu Bhide
  • Tanya Mitropoulos
  • Wei Song
  • William Singer

If you'd like to know what a winning GRDP application looks like, here are some example applications from past winners.

Example Volunteer opportunities: review abstracts submitted by prospective presenters, organize materials.

Chair responsibilities: organize, manage, and execute the two award cycles, including, but not limited to, the creation of supporting application documents, the creation, maintenance, evaluation of information provided via qualtrics application surveys, managing the completion and award processes.

Questions?  Please email the GDRP Chair