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the logo has a stylized image of the Donaldson Brown facade with three graduates standing between the four pillars of the entry way. The building is in maroon with orange window on the first floor, orange with maroon windows on the upper floor and the roof is maroon with white window frames. The cupola at the top is maroon sitting atop orange. The words Graduate student assembly of virginia tech are in white superimposed on a circle of cadet blue. The blue circle is bounded inside and out by black circles.

Please send all questions and comments regarding the executive council to using Subject Line: Executive Council

Executive powers of the GSA are vested in GSA Executive Council, headed by an Executive Board comprised of Officers elected by the General Assembly. Executive powers are granted by the will of the elected General Assembly of Delegates, who, as the legislative branch of GSA, represent the will of all GSA members.

The Executive Council is comprised of:

  • All voting members of the Executive Board, with the President of the GSA acting as Chair; 
  • The Graduate Student Representative to the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors; 
  • The Chairpersons of all Standing Committees of the Assembly; 
  • The Chairpersons of all active Special Committees of the Assembly; 
  • The Chairpersons of all Executive Programming Committees; 
  • Additional GSA members as appointed by the Executive Board.

The Executive Council may regularly invite guests to its proceedings to serve in advisory roles, including but not limited to staff support as provided by the University.

2020-21 Elected Officers of the GSA Executive Board

President | Maruf Hoque
Vice President | Awad Abdelhalim
Director of Programs | Martina Svyantek
Director of Finance | Tahsin Mahmud Chowdhury
Director of Communications | Sharon Flynn Stidham
Director of Events | June Ann Jones