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Committees of the General Assembly

Standing and Special Committees of the GSA

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The General Assembly has the power to fill, form, and dissolve its Committees, as laid out in the Bylaws. All Committees shall make records of their meetings available to the Assembly, and advise the General Assembly of their progress on their assigned duties.

Standing Committees of the Assembly are permanent Committees established by the GSA Bylaws. A Standing Committee performs functions vital to Assembly operations. They deliberate and report their findings to the Assembly regularly. Voting members of a Standing Committee are also voting Delegates of the Assembly.

Special Committees of the Assembly are created and dissolved by Acts of the Assembly by a majority vote. Each Special Committee deliberates and reports on a specific matter deemed necessary by the Assembly. The composition of each special committee is determined by the Assembly. Voting members of a Standing Committee are GSA members, although there is no requirement that they be voting members.

Coming soon! Pages devoted to the Standing and Special Committees, their intent, and the minutes from their meetings.

All Delegates must participate actively in at least one service within the GSA, including but not limited to, to the Executive Council, University Governance, Assembly Standing or Special Committees, and Executive Programming Committees, in addition to their services in the Assembly as a whole.