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Delegates to the GSA

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Please send all questions and comments regarding departmental representation to using Subject Line: Departmental Delegates

The Graduate Student Assembly is the main conduit through which issues of interest to graduate and professional students can intersect and be discussed.

Departmental Delegates are the democratic foundation of the GSA. While the current GSA Constitution and Bylaws do not stipulate how the Delegates are selected at the Department level, the GSA recommend some form of democratic process, such as an election. Graduate students and Delegates from a particular Department are encouraged to promote the democratic election of Departmental Delegates to ensure a firm democratic foundation of the GSA, as well as accountability of the Delegates to their constituent graduate students. To learn more about how to become a delegate, email our Vice President or speak to your departmental graduate advisor.

In accordance to the GSA Constitution and Bylaws, each Department of the University that offers graduate programs are eligible to select up to two (2) voting Delegates that represent the Department's graduate students. Currently, Interdisciplinary Programs that are administered by more than one Departments are considered a Departmental Equivalent, and are eligible for up to two (2) voting Delegates as well. Schools within the University, as established in accordance to University Policy 6150 (e.g. School of Education, School of Architecture + Design, etc.) have variable representations, and are handled on a case-by-case basis. In addition, three predominately graduate student organizations are granted up to two (2) voting Delegates by the current GSA Bylaws.  Return to the top of the page.

The chief responsibilities and powers of Departmental Delegates are their voting power at the GSA General Assembly. All decisions, elections, and resolutions of the GSA are determined by the Departmental Delegates. Moreover, executive powers of the GSA are granted through the election of the GSA Executive Board Members by the Departmental Delegates at the GSA General Assembly.   Return to the top of the page.

The Delegates are also responsible for gathering and evaluating information and issues from their constituent graduate students, and bringing them forth for discussion and action at the GSA General Assembly. The GSA General Assembly serves as the main deliberative body where discussions will ultimately result in recommendations to the GSA Executive Board as well as Resolutions that would proceed to a higher level of deliberation in University Governance. The GSA is a powerful voice as it has voting seats in all of the University Governance bodies (i.e. University Council, and its Commissions and Committees).   Return to the top of the page..

Bi-directional communication is key to the success of the GSA. Hence, the Delegates are also responsible for the dissemination of information and happenings of the GSA to their constituent graduate students. The GSA provides many programs and funding opportunities that are beneficial to all graduate students. The success of these programs and the accessibility of these funding opportunities hinges on how well they are communicated to the greater graduate student body.  Return to the top of the page.

The Department Delegates of the GSA are the main source of manpower within the organization. As such, the success of all GSA programs rely on the work of the Delegates. Delegates are required to participate in the planning and organization of GSA programs by way of internal committees.   Return to the top of the page.