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The General Assembly

Function, Purpose, Activities, Meetings

GPSS logo featuring a stylized GLC in maroon, orange, and white, with images of three graduates standing, surrounded by the words Graduate Student Assembly of VT on blue

The General Assembly of the GSA is the legislative body of the orgranization, and consists of Graduate Student Delegates representing their home Departments or non-academic communities, as well as the Executive Council. The Assembly exercises its power through Acts of the Assembly at the advice of its Committees and the Executive Council, in accordance with the GSA Constitution and Bylaws.

All members of GSA are to serve as Delegates in the Assembly. Voting members of the General Assembly are limited to Delegates. Alternates may vote in place of their Delegates if that power shall be temporarily delegated to them, according to procedures described in this Constitution and the GSA Bylaws. 

The General Assembly has the power to fill, form, and dissolve its Committees, as laid out in the Bylaws. Standing Committees perform functions vital to Assembly operations. Voting members of a Standing Committee are also voting Delegates of the Assembly. Special Committees of the Assembly are created and dissolved by Acts of the Assembly by a majority vote. Voting members of a Standing Committee are GSA members, although there is no requirement that they be voting members of the Assembly.

All members of the GSA Executive Council, including (but not limited to the members of the GSA Executive Board), are non-voting members of the Assembly, unless they are concurrently serving as voting members of the Assembly.

All graduate and professional students and guests are welcome to attend General Assembly meetings!