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Do you need to ask the GSA a question? Let us know about an issue you are having? 

Do you need to ask GSA a question? Let us know about an issue you are having? Use the Tell GSA link below -- this takes you to a Google Form to share your experiences, concerns or comments. The form can can be sent anonymously or you can share an email address for a follow-up from GSA.

Want to see what we are up to on social media? Curious about what our Executive Board members or Board of Visitors Rep are sharing about their work? Check out the links below!

Please feel free to contact the Executive Board of the GSA or the Graduate Student Representative to the Board of Visitors at any time, through any of our accounts, to let us know how things are going! We would love to hear about your success stories during your time as a Hokie, as well as areas of concern. This helps us raise awareness and address specific issues that affect graduate and professional students across our many campuses.