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Initiatives pursued by the GSA on the behalf of Graduate and Professional students at VT

the logo has a stylized image of the Donaldson Brown facade with three graduates standing between the four pillars of the entry way. The building is in maroon with orange window on the first floor, orange with maroon windows on the upper floor and the roof is maroon with white window frames. The cupola at the top is maroon sitting atop orange. The words Graduate student assembly of virginia tech are in white superimposed on a circle of cadet blue. The blue circle is bounded inside and out by black circles.

Current Activities

28 Aug 2020 GSA Executive Board met with the Bursar's Office regarding comprehensive fees, strategies for reconsideration, issues that graduate and professional students face, and options for remediation. Note: if a student lives more than 50 miles from campus, please see this page to find the information necessary to request a $300 reduction in the comprehensive fees. 

Aug 2020 GSA Executive Board representatives continue to work with administration on their response to the upcoming changes in Title IX. The document summarizing those changes and the university's response is here.

3 Aug 2020 Parking announces $50/semester "evening" pass that is not (a) available online for  purchase (must be purchased in person), and (b) is not noted or detailed in the Parking Handbook.

3 Aug 2020 GSA Executive Board provides feedback to VTGrATE regarding concerns of GTAs for the upcoming semester, and provides link to document hosted on this site that details concerns for all graduate students, GTAs, GRAs, and GAs.

25-28 Jul 2020 GSA President and Vice President provide feedback to parking, and submit formal request for $30 annual "evening" (5pm - 10pm) pass, matching pricing of remote lot.

23 Jul 2020 GSA issues call to students regarding changes

20 Jul 2020 Parking announces major changes for 2020-2021 academic year

Each year, the newly elected President of the GSA identifies and pursues advocacy initiatives on the behalf of the graduate and professional students of Virginia Tech. Watch this website, and our social media outlets for details about our efforts and events surrounding these initiatives!

2020-2021 Initiatives

  • Graduate Student Compensation
  • Student Services
  • Diversity
  • Capital Planning Projects
  • Going Green

The GSA's Executive Board and General Assembly work to improve campus life, scholarly development, and graduate community by creating and implementing goals based on the issues and concerns of graduate and professional students on our campus.